Here is a small selection of my writing, all from a few years ago as I haven't put any recent writing online.

My favourite of what's here is probably Stolen, which was inspired by Steall Falls in Scotland. I think Last Day was the first short story I've written, since school days that is.

Short Stories

Poetry & Lyrics

Last Day   Light of Inspiration  

Dryad (BBC End of Story)  
Broken Orchestra  

Decide in the Eyes  
Dimpled Cheek  


When I Go, Will You Be There?  

Inverse Haiku
Thunderstorm   Your Picture  

Where have I been published?

My 'recent' writing escapades began a few years ago when I started writing song lyrics, though I couldn't play an instrument and wasn't in a band. For some reason people asked me to join bands anyway and eventually I succrumbed and joined The Cakes as keyboardist. Among others, I wrote the lyrics to Bored of Cities , Sunday (with Durose) and Quarantine , which can all be downloaded for free by clicking those links! We were quite good; if you like any kind of indie/post-punk/rock/punk/pop type stuff I recommend you have a sample... There was also Relocate My Satellites , the When I Go, Will You Be There? lyrics being penned by myself. The Cakes are back! Here are the lyrics to a new song, Antarctic Stare