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The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent 28.04.04

Gig rating: ***/5. The amount of times I've seen this band is probably approaching double figures by now. Tonight they started off well with a new song "Charmaine," but didn't completely kick in till I Know You Like This, the atmosphere was building in a near-full Sugarmill and new Tonics fans were being conceived at what was possibly the largest audience they'd played to yet. Then what was this? A one fingered gesture towards the stage (no, not that type!) and "We've been told we only have time left for one song." Perhaps The Ordinary Boys didn't want to be shown up. After asking The Tonics faithful what their premature set-closer should be, they ended with probably the best choice, Alone, to applause and cheers. Maybe the one fingered gesture should have been returned from the stage with The Tonics playing on in true rock 'n' roll style. Or maybe at this stage of their fledgling career as a band they don't want to be making enemies at the area's most popular music venue!

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Bad (meaning good): Deservedly garnered a warmer crowd reaction than headliners The Ordinary Boys.
Bad (meaning bad): Well on its way to a great gig, around four songs into the set The Tonics were informed there was only time for one more song!? Which meant no God Say A Prayer or no Bye The Bye. And whether they would have got to play it or not, Silence wasn't on the setlist either, so they've had to start leaving good songs out of the set already. Damn.

The Tonics headline at The Rigger, Newcastle-under-Lyme on 26th May. Door Tax 2.50

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