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Cardiff Barfly 05.11.04

Gig rating: ****/5. I don't think I believed I was seeing Silver Sun until the familiar (though slightly slimmer) figure of James Broad appeared onstage, along with his fellow band members who seemingly disappeared from the music scene five years ago. Not so!


Dumb and Pixie Pixie kicked the night off, though the gig didn't really get going until third song, Immediate (a new one!). Those familiar stomach-churning guitars were evident and the Barfly seemed fairly-full of hardcore Silver Sun fans who were even singing along to b-sides. Despite it not being one of my favourites, Lava has always been a fan-favourite, and tonight as it caused half the Barfly to mentally pogo, I could see its appeal.

James Broad stepped into the crowd to play the solo to Golden Skin and after one encore, Silver Sun returned again to chants of their name and opened up to requests. An unrehearsed Last Day was superb and probably my highlight of the night. Finally came There Will Never Be Another Me and time to look forward to the next Silver Sun gig. Would I make a 320-mile round-trip again? Tomorrow! (but please don't take that as an excuse not to play in The Midlands...)

Silver Sun obviously enjoyed this gig, and would have happily played all night. There is still a fanbase there, 90% of who probably aren't aware Silver Sun are back, so let's hope those and more find out so they can make more albums and play more gigs...

The new album, Disappear Here (three months before its commercial release), new single, t-shirts and badges were onsale at the merchandise stand. I happily went home with them all, and arriving home at around 430am, listened to Disappear Here as the sun rose...



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