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Keele University, Newcastle-under-Lyme 20.05.04

Gaz  Mick  Dan 

Gig rating: ***/5. Supergrass play all the hits and make up for a lacklustre performance the last time I saw them (2001). From Richard III to Moving and Caught By The Fuzz to Mary, with of course a splash from Life On Other Planets. The likes of Richard III and Going Out sounded note for note like the album versions, a bit of a shame considering something more is expected from a live experience, but great to hear nonetheless. While it worked acoustically, it would have been good to hear a full-on electric version of Caught By The Fuzz!

Gaz  Mick


Gaz  Mick  Dan

  Mick  Mick & Dan

Gaz  Gaz  Mick

Gaz  Gaz  Gaz & Mick

Gaz  Mick  Mick

Dan  Dan

Mick  Scary Gaz!


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