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The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent 10.10.04

Gig rating: ***/5. My third Ordinary Boys gig at The Sugarmill, and I'm still most impressed by their debut here in October 2003.

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Tonight there seemed to be a lack of atmosphere, whether that had something to do with the fact all I could think about was food (I'd had no tea) I don't know. Maybe Someday was first out of the hatch, the opening of the song was virtually unrecognisable and continued on to lack the oomph that would be expected. Next up was another song, not from the album so perhaps a b-side I haven't heard (or can't remember). I was still unimpressed. But from then on something changed and The Ordinary Boys were sounding good again, Preston as energetic as ever. B-side Little Bubble was a highlight towards the middle of the set and I'll write more if my memory returns...

The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent 28.04.04

Will, Preston, Charlie  Charlie  James

Gig rating: **/5. I enjoyed them a lot more at their Sugarmill gig last October, when there seemed to be more tune and variation between songs. Even classic singles Maybe Someday and Week In Week Out didn't notably stand out and didn't seem a patch on their recorded equivalent.
Bad (meaning good): The cover of The Specials Little Bitch.

Will  Preston

Preston  Preston gets air

Preston  Charlie & Preston

Preston & James

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