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Nottingham Rescue Rooms 190204
Gig rating: ***/5. Rock. Without guitars?

Bad (meaning good): First 3 songs were all my favourites (Everybody's Changing, Can't Stop Now, Bedshaped), holding Rich's knife and fork, getting my Everybody's Changing CD signed by them all...and then hanging out with Rich all night!

Bad (meaning bad): The first 3 songs were the 3 best over and done with straightaway. Apparently Everybody's Changing has been re-recorded because they weren't happy with the original. Oh...and Rich looking at a Wet Wet Wet 12" vinyl...

Rich  Tom  Tim

Keane  Tim


Tom  Keane

Nottingham Trent University "Glo Bar" 190204
Gig rating: ***/5. Keane go 'acoustic'. Nice little intimate gig, promised greater things to come at the Rescue Rooms later that night.

Bad (meaning good): They let me in using last years Student Union card...

Bad (meaning bad): Keane covered an Elton John song (though it wasn't actually that bad, it's just the principle).

Keane @ Uni  Keane with no faces...

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