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Upcoming Delays gigs: Wolves Civic (October) & Keele University (November).

V Festival. Weston Park, Staffordshire 21.08.04


Gig rating: ****/5. Superb. Maybe because I now know all of the songs, even better than The Sugarmill gig eariler this year (see below). Even the vocals of Hey Girl were perfect, plus there was the added bonus of making a friend who didn't want to watch Delays to see them - and now love them! Hearing Lost in a Melody for the second time (the first time it was called Stop on the tour in March) made me realise why they've saved it for a single release rather than hiding it away as a b-side.




The Sugarmill, Stoke-on-Trent 25.03.04

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Aaron  Setlist & Ticket 00001!

Gig rating: ****/5. Judging by this set, Delays are a lot more varied than their first four (or three as Nearer Than Heaven was released twice) singles would suggest, which was an added bonus to an already great gig. Greg Gilbert's vocals sear and soar even more impressively than they sound on CD. Single Nearer Than Heaven verged on the outstanding, though a very strong set including two new songs, Stop and another one (I have the setlist somewhere...), were played which both sounded top-notch and again displayed a different direction to the early singles. Towards the end of the set, perhaps showing some of Aaron Gilbert's influence to the band, the techo-stomp of On seemed unnecessary, though this was immediately followed by the reflective and uplifting melodies of Long Time Coming.

Our "crowd participation" may have had something to do with Hey Girl's late addition to the encore, though perhaps it was initially left out for a reason - Delays seemed uncomfortable playing this sublime (in recorded form) second single tonight and the harmonies, just on this occasion, struggled. One final song erased the slight disappointment of Hey Girl and reminded us what a prospect we have in Delays...

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