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Manchester Academy 08.11.07


Rock City, Nottingham 19.05.06


Gig rating: *****/5. Amazing. I'd waited over two years to see The Shins, and for the amount of times I missed them for various reasons, including not being in the UK when they were, that seemed like a VERY long time. I wanted to see them on the Chutes Too Narrow, one of my favourite albums of all-time, tour so much that I even considered late flights to Iceland and Los Angeles to see them. The success of the film Garden State and a prominent place on the soundtrack, probably helped delay the new album and send The Shins off to tour their previous two albums again.

With my anticipation building as the gig approached, I was hoping I wouldn't get too excited and feel let down after the gig. I need not have worried as The Shins sparkled through nearly everything from Chutes Too Narrow, including a sublime solo-rendition of Young Pilgrims from James Mercer and a joyous crowd singalong with Gone For Good in the second encore, a fair amount of Oh! Inverted World and even three new songs. The new songs all sounded more promising than James Mercer would have you believe, and included a track called Phantom Limb. So, an inspirational performance from the band and an atmosphere in Rock City that was incredible. I'm not sure if I've ever heard such noise before. One of the best gigs I've ever been to.


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