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Manchester Ruby Lounge, 26.01.10

A riotus Barking Dogs opened the set, and the first few songs had me thinking Renegades were just a punk band, though an excellent sounding live one at that. There was a mini mosh pit to match. The slower paced Down By the River came along and changed that thought, a metal-tinged epic that wouldn't have sounded out of position in place of Radiation or Descend from Feeder's debut album Polythene.

This was followed by a song that might be more recognisable to the more recent Feeder masses as the catchy Nirvana-esque riff of White Line revealed it's future single potential (?). I certainly hope the aformentioned two songs feature on the forthcoming Feeder album.

Renegades was bouncy and lively as expected, and the highlight of the three songs played from the EP.

I didn't click and think "Feeder" when Grant mentioned they were "going to play a couple of covers tonight", and while not one of my favourites from Feeder's early days, Tangerine, dedicated to Jon Henry Lee, was a welcome surprise in the set, as was Sweet 16.

Former Feeder live-staple Descend closed the set and while Mark Brazil didn't quite seem to have the interchanging delicate/vigor of Jon Lee, or the power-house sound of Mark Richardson, it was always a powerful way to end the set, and based on tonights evidence he'd be an excellent full-time replacement behind the Feeder drum kit.

I had noticed during the set that some people looked bemused, some bored. As support band lightsgoblue (they mentioned their name a slightly annoying amount of times, but it worked) said during their set, "As we found out last night, this is definitely Renegades and not Feeder", I do wonder if some of those bemused and/or bored people were as aware of Feeder pre-Buck Rogers and Just a Day as they seemed to be - as for me - there was more than a nod to the past, even when taking away the 'covers'. It was heavily publicised that this wouldn't be your usual Feeder gig, and of course, they were called Renegades!

The only disappointment for me tonight was the absence of track three from the Renegades EP, Time Goes By. The EP credits can perhaps explain this as Renegades drummer Karl Brazil didn't play on the recording; maybe he didn't have time to learn it, or perhaps it's a song they didn't feel would work well as a three-piece. Hopefully some people will get to hear it later in the tour.

An excellent night, even better than I expected. If Feeder decided to preview new material as Renegades again, it would be most welcome. ****/5


My Perfect Day, London ULU - 22nd June 2008


June 2005

Don't bother reading the following, it's boring. I'm feeling all nostalgic...annoyed by their lack of fame, in 2000 I set up a Feeder fansite called Hole In My Head, which became quite popular. In 2003, I bought the www.holeinmyhead.co.uk domain name - the plan at the time was to create an all new Feeder fansite with many amazing things! While the Feeder fans were waiting for changes, these 'amazing' things were, piece by piece, coming together. But it all began pulling me down and after a 21st century meltdown the website began to fall into shade as I wasn't giving the project my undivided attention. So, forgive me, but before I finished the website I decided to use the domain name for the site it is now instead. The nostalgia? Well, it's October 2005, and for the first time, Feeder are on www.holeinmyhead.co.uk! So well, time to feel it again...

There's also some old wallpaper below...

Donington, 10.06.05


Gig rating: ****/5. In the good old days, if you went to a Feeder gig you knew you were going to have an amazing time. But after my last Feeder gig in February, which wasn't bad, but still nowhere near classic Feeder, I wondered whether I should keep the great memories and say goodbye to Feeder as a live act. But as they did at V2003, they once again restored my faith with a storming festival set. A jumbo jet resounded low over the stage as Mark began the set with a drum solo to Come Back Around and as the skies darkened, Descend sounded as powerful as it ever did.

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I made Feeder wallpaper some years ago...just click on the size you require, then set the image as your background and/or save it to your hard-drive!

Come Back Around Feeder
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Cement Grant's Fish
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