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The Sugarmill 02.02.05


Gig rating: ***/5. More confident in this headline slot than he seemed supporting Babyshambles last year, when he hardly said a word, and when I saw Moldy Peaches a few years ago, Adam Green impressed immediately with his knowledge of the local dialect, "Hello you ducks! What's up ducks?" but knowing his sense of humour it could have been a coincidence...he proceeded to blame ducks for the current war, to which he was greeted with a shocked silence. It's a good job The Sugarmill was full of Adam Green fans with further outlandish comments (mainly about Jews), perhaps that's why he kept so quiet at the Babyshambles gig. As for the music, there were highlights, including encore Jessica Simpson. I don't know if The Gnomes backed Adam Green last year, but the sound tonight wasn't as crisp; which of course could be down to many factors...




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