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I felt quite at home in Iceland. There are hundreds (even thousands) of waterfalls, more than they can name, and the scenery is varied; sometimes barren and seemingly lifeless, but more often stunning and beautiful. There are so many magical places, wilderness, where if you wished, you could get away and not see another person. It's easy to be part of the landscape here. The air smells pure (away from the sulphur-smelling areas), there's a magical tranquility. I must return one spring, summer, autumn and winter, and hope the Elfology course I missed out on in Reykjavik is still running! One of the most spectacular scenes was driving around a fjord on the east coast, though I have no photographic evidence as I was on the wrong side of the bus I was in.

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Žingvellir Abandoned dwellings, somewhere towards Eastern Ķsland