If you don't sign my Guestbook, I might kick you in the face with a sponge on my foot (unless you're standing and above 6' 4" tall, as your head will probably be beyond my that case I'll probably charter a carrier pigeon to poop on you). I can't guarantee that the sponge will be wet and soapy, but the poop surely will be.

Here are the top four ways to contact me, in descending order, with the least convenient and least reliable first.

MySpace contact1. Myspace.
Pigeons2. Carrier Pigeon

Use the following coordinates:
384950E 346040N
MSN contact3. MSN.

e-mail4. E-mail.


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Andy Simmons - Amazing traditional and digital art by Andy Simmons, inspired by the likes of Lord of the Rings and British landscape painters such as Constable and Turner.

Flickr Icelandic Waterfalls - Iceland and waterfalls. There is no better combination.

CSS Play - A useful site for web designers.

TheAlex on - My page at Renderosity, a digital art community. There are some fantastic artists here, including Andy Simmons (mentioned above), who is known as hobbit.