These are the original lyrics that became the song "Luxury Spa Weekend". It was renamed as renaming songs to random titles tends to amuse me and my band.

It was inspired by the thought that people living in the Polar regions experience extremeties regarding temperature and light and how it can affect them, with constant temperatures well below freezing and 24-hour daylight or night at various times of the year. Experiencing near 24-hour daylight myself in Iceland was quite a surreal experience. The Antarctic Stare has been used by some scientists to describe a temporary loss of awareness.

Antarctic Stare (Luxury Spa Weekend)

When night ceases to exist
and daylight is all you blink

beware the Antarctic stare

when clouds draw over your mind
and your brain gets left behind

beware the Antarctic stare


ten-mile gazes in tiny spaces
awareness taken away

beware the Antarctic stare

 Alex Harford.